Dead Mount Death Play episode 2 | Corpse God | | Twixtor Clips 4K

 Dead Mount Death Play episode 2 | Corpse God |  | Twixtor Clips 4K

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4k no c.c (original)

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An anime Twixtor is a video editing technique that uses the Twixtor plugin to create slow-motion or speed ramping effects in anime clips. Twixtor analyzes the motion in the video and creates new frames to adjust the speed and timing of the action, resulting in visually stunning and dynamic effects. This technique is commonly used in anime editing to enhance action scenes or create a dramatic effect.

Dead Mount Death Play | Corpse God

**Name:** Corpse God

**Real Name:** Rizdilusia Redrazalf

**Age:** Unknown

**Gender:** Male

**Species:** Necromancer

**Height:** 180 cm

**Weight:** 70 kg

**Affiliation:** None

**Occupation:** ???

**Powers and Abilities:**

* Necromancy: Corpse God is a powerful necromancer who can raise the dead to fight for him. He can also create skeletons and zombies out of thin air.
* Elemental Eye: Corpse God has an elemental eye that allows him to see the magical properties of objects and people.
* Evil Eye: Corpse God has an evil eye that can paralyze or even kill his opponents with a single glance.
* Sympathizing with the spirit of the dead: Corpse God can share his senses with the dead, allowing him to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel what they are feeling.


* Corpse God is vulnerable to fire and holy magic.
* He is also weakened by the presence of the living.
* Corpse God is a pacifist and does not enjoy fighting.


Corpse God was once a powerful necromancer in his own world. However, he was hunted down and killed by the Empire. His soul was then reincarnated into the body of a young boy named Polka Shinoyama.

Corpse God now resides in Japan, where he tries to live a peaceful life. However, he is constantly being hunted by those who fear his power.


Corpse God is a kind and gentle soul who just wants to live in peace. He is also a pacifist and does not enjoy fighting. However, he is also a powerful necromancer who will not hesitate to defend himself or those he cares about.


"I am not a monster. I am just a man who wants to live in peace."


Character –  Corpse God
Anime – Dead Mount Death Play
Clips – S1
Type – Twixtor
Quality – 1080p
Link – Google Drive / MEGA



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