nezuko kamado | epsoid 06 | twixtor CLIPS 4k

 nezuko kamado  | epsoid 06  | twixtor CLIPS 4k  

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4k no c.c (original)

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An anime Twixtor is a video editing technique that uses the Twixtor plugin to create slow-motion or speed ramping effects in anime clips. Twixtor analyzes the motion in the video and creates new frames to adjust the speed and timing of the action, resulting in visually stunning and dynamic effects. This technique is commonly used in anime editing to enhance action scenes or create a dramatic effect.

nezuko kamado | Demon Slayer Season 3

**Name:** Nezuko Kamado

**Rank:** Demon Slayer Corps

**Weapon:** None

**Birthday:** March 14

**Age:** 14

**Height:** 153 cm

**Weight:** 49 kg

**Blood Type:** AB

**Affiliation:** Demon Slayer Corps


Nezuko is a young girl with pink hair and amber eyes. She has a small build and is often seen wearing a pink kimono.


Nezuko is a very kind and gentle person. She is always willing to help others, even if it means putting herself in danger. She is also very protective of her brother, Tanjiro.


 Nezuko is a very powerful demon. She is immune to sunlight and can regenerate from injuries. She also has a powerful blood demon art that allows her to create a poisonous gas.

**Weaknesses:** Nezuko is still a young demon and is not as skilled in combat as her brother. She is also vulnerable to attacks that target her emotions.


 Nezuko has helped Tanjiro defeat several powerful demons, including Rui and Akaza. She has also helped the Demon Slayer Corps to find Muzan Kibutsuji.


 Nezuko Kamado is a powerful and valuable asset to the Demon Slayer Corps. She is a kind and gentle person who is always willing to help others.

**Here are some additional details about Nezuko Kamado:**

* She is the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado.
* She was turned into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji.
* She was trained by Sakonji Urokodaki.
* She joined the Demon Slayer Corps at the age of 14.

**Here are some of the things that Nezuko Kamado is known for:**

* Her kindness and compassion.
* Her protectiveness of her brother.
* Her powerful blood demon art.
* Her determination to find a cure for her demonism.


Character –   nezuko kamado
Anime – Demon Slayer Season 3
Clips – S3
Type – Twixtor
Quality – 1080p
Link – Google Drive / MEGA


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